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As a child I drew every day in class. I feared running out of places to draw and materials to create art rather than getting in trouble for not paying attention. My school notebooks became a diary of sketches, doodles and drawings. In time it turned into the building blocks of the art you see today. Art to me is visual poetry that captures an intriguing subject, captivating concept and an artists’ soul. The intent of creating artwork to this day hasn’t changed for me. I eliminate distractions and solely focus on my passion generating a “in the moment” experience. This deep concentration while working is not just a way of exploring my conscious and subconscious but my creativity as well. Isolating a captured emotion and concept in my work is my goal.

Part of my vigorous process begins with my sketchbook; conducting research, drawing sketches, note taking, writing poetry, setting goals and mind mapping. I select a theme by focusing on the concept first; break it down piece by piece and documenting it. I exhaust all options by examining as much detail as possible until I am satisfied with a finished sketch. Reviewing my thought process of a past project provides a better understanding about how I came to those conclusions. It also helps me to analyze the process and find ways to improve on the next project. However, there are certain works that must be done spontaneously which I also embrace and enjoy doing from time to time.

My media of choice varies per concept and its’ demands. I analyze each project carefully and make adjustments accordingly. Working with many different medias based on my concept grants me to have more options in the finished piece. It also challenges my creativity and helps me grow as an artist, something which I never want to stop doing.
-Kamil Swiatek


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